Hunger Games: UI Update (Part 2)

The second batch of changes for the UI Update is here, featuring the return of “The Fallen”, a new Report window, and a streamlined sponsor/betting flow.

It’s time for the second batch of changes! Continuing from Part 1 of the UI Update, this brings quality of life to Sponsoring and Betting, the return of “The Fallen”, and a brand new Report window!

There’s never been a better time to be a tribute in the Hunger Games! Read up, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

The Goods

  • 🟢 New: “The Fallen” returns! Just as it was back in the day. Eliminated tributes are projected in the night sky for Tributes to see. You’ll get notified right before the presentation starts.
Screenshot showing a projection of "The Fallen" in-game. It displays a player's name, avatar thumbnail, and district.
A preview of “The Fallen”, which appears in the sky at night and displays the players who have been eliminated from the round so far.
  • 🟢 New: Sponsoring and Betting now use a brand-new graphical player selection interface, which makes it much faster to pick the tribute you want to sponsor or wager on.
  • 🟡 Change: The following interfaces have been modernized to use the new unified back-end added in Part 1: betting, sponsorship, Sponsor note pouch

🟢 New: REport Window

Presenting a new tool that will help players fight troublemaking: the Report window! This form allows you to send off a bundle of helpful information, including recent chat messages, which will help me deal with various situations. This is what it looks like:

A preview of the new Report form – click to see the full version.
  • You can open it from the Game Menu (bottom left).
  • Select any of the given reasons (Cheating, Toxicity, Bug Abuse) and/or provide a custom reason – the more detail the better!
  • Reports automatically include useful data such as recent chat messages.
  • You can report players even if they leave the game.
  • To send a report, you must be at least Level 2 (200 XP) and your account must be 7 days old. These values are subject to change.
  • There are sensible limits on how often you can report. Spamming reports doesn’t accomplish anything!
  • It’s not a replacement for Roblox’s report menu – you should still use that if someone’s breaking Roblox’s rules.


  • 🟡 Change: Wolf mutts will growl less often. In general, packs of wolves will be less loud.
  • 🟠 Fix: Various sounds that used to be in the game and audible are once again audible, including consumables, traps, kunai throwing, and training room teleporters
  • 🟠 Fix: The volume of some loud sounds which were audible far away have been lowered, including wolf mutt growls


  • 🟢 New: Throwing kunai (both poison and regular) now has an animation.
  • 🟢 New: You can now “Read” the various buttons in the lobby (sponsor, gamemaker and betting rooms).
  • 🟢 New: If you try to sponsor or place a wager before selecting a player, you’ll get a message saying you need to do that first.
  • 🟡 Change: The passageways to the side rooms in the lobby have been widened.
  • 🔴 Removed: The following redundant items given upon entering the Training Room are no longer given: Poison Kunai, Poison Sword, Club, Compass
  • 🟡 Change: Wolf mutts will wait a minimum of 12.5 seconds before jumping and a maximum of 25 seconds.
  • 🟡 Change: Bows are now much easier to pick up off the ground. While on the ground, bows won’t have an arrow nocked.

fixes and improvements

  • 🟠 Fix: The “Spoil Food” disaster properly considers items on the ground for spoilage, including those dropped by tributes.
  • 🟠 Fix: The opening cutscene now stops early if you die, which prevents the camera from freezing on-respawn.
  • 🟠 Fix: Sponsor notes are added to the note pouch more efficiently.
  • 🟠 Fix: Wolf Muttations now track down the nearest tribute more efficiently.
  • 🟠 Fix: The following chat commands work more reliably: /spectate, /endspectate and /profile

To check if you’re playing on an updated server, go to Roblox Menu → Help, then check the place version at the bottom is greater than or equal to 284

What’s Next

There’s plenty more to be done before the UI Update is done: a proper Settings menu, an end-of-round Performance window, and a revamped Shop to just mention a few. All these and more are in the works! Get excited, because this nostalgic game will soon feel like new. You can read up on the future of this game in the 2021 roadmap.

To read about more updates than just this one, you can check out the Patch Notes. Alternatively, you can go learn How to Play if you’re new!

— Ozzypig

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!