Hunger Games: Capitol Shop Update

A shiny new in-game shop, some item rebalancing, small interface updates, and a whole boat load of fixes have arrived.

It’s time Panem got what it deserves: a brand-new way to spend money, of course!

Following the theme of the UI Updates earlier this year, this update brings minor interface consistency updates and some fixes to content that broke recently. Oh, and some item rebalancing too.

šŸŸ¢ Capitol Shop

Introducing the new Capitol Shop, where you can spend your hard-earned Robux on fabulous upgrades to make your carnage all the more grand. Open it with the button at the top of your screen or in the Game Menu. Featuring a tabbed interface like the Help menu, nearly all buyable game passes and products are available here. Stuff you already have is hidden, except for stuff you can get multiple times.

Completing a purchase in the new shop causes the game to re-check which VIPs you have, which means their effects happen instantly. A few exceptions: the Melon, Bread and Dagger Bonus passes should be bought before a round begins to receive the items at the start of the round; also the Super Sponsor and Great Gambler passes should be bought before claiming the Sponsor Points (SP) or Betting Points (BP) for that round, since you can’t claim those points twice during one round.


  • šŸŸ  Fix: Lunging rapidly (within 0.6s) with multiple swords no longer allows for infinite floating/hovering: instead, you’ll now float downward. Lunging with only one sword is unchanged.
  • šŸŸ” Change: Consumables that lower HP now only reduce it to 5 instead of all the way to 0. Therefore, they won’t kill you immediately if you make a small mistake. Nightlock excepted, of course!
  • šŸŸ” Change: Chocolate bars have been made slightly bigger, so they’re easier to see and pick up.

Item Updates

  • šŸŸ” Change: Items granted by game passes (Melon, Bread and Dagger Bonus) can no longer be dropped or stolen. They will be marked with “(bonus)” on their tooltip. Items found in the arena normally are unchanged.
  • šŸŸ” Change: Melon slice was too powerful all-around, so things have been shifted around:
    • Bites: 6ā†’5
    • Thirst per bite: 4ā†’6 (total: 24ā†’30)
    • Hunger per bite: 2ā†’1 (total: 12ā†’5)
    • Health per bite: 6ā†’3 (total: 36ā†’15)
  • šŸŸ” Change: Traps work better and should feel more useful. They are a little more obvious when arming, but can be placed more often.
    • Fade delay: 0.0sā†’1.0s
    • Fade time: 1.5ā†’1.0s
    • Total arming time: 1.5sā†’2.0s
    • Cooldown: 15sā†’10s
    • Now places traps further in front of you, so they aren’t accidentally stepped on if you’re standing still.
    • šŸŸ  Fix: Baits are now attached right-side-up using modern constraints (WeldConstraint).
    • šŸŸ  Fix: Weapon baits work correctly again.


  • šŸŸ” Change: Most window interfaces in the game now look visually consistent and darker, with their white outlines removed and title bars made fully opaque. See the Capitol Shop preview above for an example.
  • šŸŸ¢ New: Windows have a very quick grow animation when they are opened.
  • šŸŸ” Change: Game Menu button has been made slightly bigger
  • šŸŸ¢ New: Enabled the /me chat command for the role-players. It puts a message in italics beginning with your name, for example:
    /me waves ā†’ Ozzypig waves
  • šŸŸ” Change: Game announcements in chat are labelled with a yellow circle šŸŸ” and are now colored entirely light yellow.

Other Fixes

  • Training room teleporters work correctly again. (Did you know the code for those was like, 8 years old?)
  • Various corrections to the text in the Help window from the last few updates
  • Various auto-sized elements have had fixes applied so they work again. You might see some jitteriness while I work out the kinks.

What about the Roadmap?

Still on it – life comes at you fast and hard sometimes. Here’s a link to the 2021 Roadmap in case you somehow haven’t seen it yet. For this update, I needed to focus on critical issues and more straightforward stuff before I started tackling the bigger tasks. Turns out, all that big-picture stuff is requiring a lot of behind-the-scenes work, and with Data Stores 2.0 recently released, I want to make sure I do things right.

To read more updates than just this one, you can check out the Patch Notes on the DevForum. Alternatively, you can go learn How to Play if you’re new!

— Ozzypig

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!