Hunger Games: Touch Device Update

Our friends who play on small devices can rejoice! I’ve added several anticipated features for mobile players, including shift-lock and tool dropping.

This update also brings some love to the training room bots and, as usual, a handful of fixes and improvements.

🟢 mobile additions

  • 🟢 New: A Shift Lock switch added to the top left, near the chat button. (It’s the target reticle icon above)
  • 🟢 New: A Drop Tool button added to the top right, near the ellipses (…) button. (It’s the hand with a down arrow above)
    • This button only appears for tools that are actually droppable. So, Training Room weapons and certain premium upgrades won’t show it.
  • 🟢 New: It is now possible to move the camera while holding a projectile weapon (Kunai, Bow).
  • 🟡 Change: You now need to double-tap to fire projectile weapons.

TRaining Room improvements

  • 🟡 Change: Training Bots received the following modifications:
    • They now have 300 health and can be killed, and respawn 3 seconds after dying. Before, they had an arbitrarily large amount of health.
    • Instead of constantly healing, the bots now fully regenerate their health 6 seconds after the last damage taken.
    • The wander radius is increased, so they walk for longer between stops.
    • They’ll jump slightly less often, and there’s a minimum time between jumps.
    • 🟠 Fix: Bots won’t randomly stop roaming because they gave up while walking.

Minor fixes and Improvements

  • 🟡 Change: Close (“X”) buttons now use the times symbol (×) instead of the letter X. It just looks cleaner.
  • 🟠 Fix: Game Menu buttons no longer overflow their window.
  • 🟠 Fix: The Crafting window button is raised slightly so it doesn’t overlap the Game Menu button, which got resized in a previous update.
  • 🟠 Fix: Minor issue that sometimes caused compass reticles to bug out.
  • 🟠 Fix: Minor issue with in-world text pop ups for Sponsor and Betting Points when the character wasn’t spawned for some reason.
  • 🟠 Fix: Minor issued that would cause the Help window tabs to not expand. (It still sometimes happens for some reason…)

In Other News…

I ran a quick, informal poll on the game’s Discord server. I asked “What size of updates would you like for Hunger Games?” with two response options:

  • Bigger, less-frequent updates which revolve around one major content update (~1 monthly)
  • Smaller, more-frequent updates which make incremental additions/changes (~1 per one or two weeks)

To my surprise, responses generally favored bigger, less-frequent updates. While I’m still trying to strike a balance with the update cadence of Hunger Games, I ensure sure my players are listened to and can give their feedback effectively. Look out for more informal polls like this one on the server! When I make decisions based on your feedback, I’ll be including them in posts here. Thanks to those who responded!

Finally, I prototyped a new data system which is ready to be implemented in the game’s test environment. The upcoming Settings menu will use it behind the scenes, eventually to be used by the entire game. I will be thorough in testing migration of your valuable game data (XP, wins, etc.) to the new system. Until I’m 100% confident in that process, the game will continue to use the existing data system. Thank you for your patience while this exciting stuff happens behind the scenes!

To read more updates than just this one, you can check out the Patch Notes on the DevForum. Alternatively, you can go learn How to Play if you’re new!

— Ozzypig

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!