Hunger Games: Return of the Spear

The spear makes its return to Hunger Games in this update, which also features classic Roblox skies and crafting updates.

A new ranged weapon makes its reappearance in the Arena: the Spear! This ranged weapon is tough and hits hard – it even slows your target down!

Crafting gets a little bit of love in this update as well: it’s now easier to make swords. The Reaping now shows Level, Rank and Career status, too!

The Spear was once a short-ranged, high damage weapon. You might spot it in old videos of Hunger Games! When I reworked projectile weapons back then, the Spear unfortunately didn’t make the cut. Now, it’s reintroduced, working just like the Bow and Kunai and rebalanced to be more useful particularly in chase scenarios. Here’s the stats:

  • Damage: 45
  • Reload: 1.5 seconds
  • Throw speed: 90 studs/sec
  • Slows by -10 studs/sec (about 60%) for 1.5 seconds
  • Crafting Recipe: 4 Γ— Stick + 1 Γ—Rock
  • Can be found in the Cornucopia and Caves randomly
  • Try it out in the Training Room!

more Gameplay Updates

  • 🟑 Change: Bow, Kunai, and Poison Kunai now slow by -8 for 0.4s.
    • This allows you to catch up to your victims or create space from an attacker, just a little bit.
  • 🟑 Change: Equipping a ranged weapon no longer starts it off on cooldown if you have not fired any ranged weapon since the current ranged weapon’s reload time.
    • This allows you to equip a ranged weapon and instantly attack, without enabling projectile spam through tool swapping.
  • 🟠 Fix: The walls around the Lobby and Training Room are extra thick now, although they still look the same.
    • Reminder: Only tributes are allowed in the Arena. The Capitol asks its viewers not to disrupt the Games!


  • 🟒 New: Crafting recipe for the Spear is 4 Γ— Stick + 1 Γ— Rock
  • 🟑 Change: Club: 3β†’2 Γ— Stick.
  • 🟑 Change: Sword: 3β†’2 Γ— Rock + 1 Γ— Club
  • 🟠 Fix: Crafting no longer has a tiny delay before you giving you the crafted item(s).
  • 🟑 Change: You now equip crafted items, rather than putting them in your backpack.
  • 🟑 Change: Doing a crafting recipe now closes the crafting window immediately and shows a toast message.
  • 🟠 Fix: Crafting recipes now considers what you have equipped, rather than just what is in your backpack.


  • 🟒 New: Arena biomes now use different skies (see above), some randomized. A few biomes still use the default sky.
  • 🟑 Change: Fog looks better overall with the new skies.
    • The sky determines the daytime fog color, rather than the biome.
    • The lobby has less fog in it (fog start moved out 0β†’85 studs).
    • Visibility improved over long distances (fog end pushed out from 900-1200 to 1000-1500).
  • 🟠 Fix: Fog color recalculates at all times, not just during a round. Sometimes this issue caused inconsistent fog colors and a jarring “blink” at the start of rounds.

Interface & Other

During the reaping, you can now see Display Name, Username, Level, Rank and Career status!
  • 🟒 New: The Reaping now more info about players! See above.
  • 🟒 New: Level-up popup, with a little jingle.
  • 🟑 Change: Cooldown indicator now shows tenths place at all values below 10s, and no longer does weird rounding.
  • 🟑 Change: End-of-game sound is now a much quieter orchestral interlude (old one may be a toggle in the future)

In Other News…

About a month ago, I ran another survey on the game’s Discord server. I asked the community to select statements they agree with regarding Guilded, a chat and VOIP platform which was acquired by Roblox Corporation last year. It’s not unlike Discord, and it has a lot of organizational tools built-in. Here are the responses:

5 Γ— I have an account on Guilded, or plan on making one.
2 Γ— I have friends who use Guilded actively.
2 Γ— I would join a Guilded server for Hunger Games.
61 Γ— I would prefer that the Discord Server remains the primary community hub for Hunger Games.
9 Γ— I would use Guilded if I had an incentive to do so.
35 Γ— I don’t want to use Guilded in general.

Discord Community for Hunger Games

These responses didn’t surprise me in the least! I’d like to echo my response on this post by thanking the community again for sharing their thoughts. Obviously, I’m not going to be moving anything for the foreseeable future – it just wouldn’t make any sense!

I’m hoping to release a live roadmap for Hunger Games soon in the form of a Trello board. Although I missed quite a few of my 2021 goals for one reason or another, but those features are still very much on their way.

To read more updates than just this one, you can check out the Patch Notes on the DevForum. Alternatively, you can go learn How to Play if you’re new!

— Ozzypig

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!