Paid Beta Begins for My Hero Academia: Battlegrounds!

The thumbnail used for the paid beta release of My Hero Academia: Battlegrounds. From left to right: Tenya, Deku, Ochaco
Thumbnail for MHA: Battlegrounds – left to right: Tenya, Deku, Ochaco

Hello! I’m here to announce the beginning of the paid beta phase for a Roblox game I’ve worked very hard on: My Hero Academia: Battlegrounds!

At the time of writing, this game is in early development and not a full product yet. It’ll be growing month by month: your feedback will help make sure its the best possible game out there! You can unlock, play and level up Deku, Tenya and Ochaco! Make sure you visit the Quest board first. Fight the bots around the school and other players in the yard. Unlock your primary quirk ability at level 10, and then your ultimate at 30. Characters are unlocked from briefcases which are 1,000 coins. Duplicate drops are used to empower already-unlocked characters with more XP! Remember, these numbers are all subject to change, and this is just a small part of the game so far.

I helped create this officially-licensed game while working full-time at Gamefam, who partnered with Crunchyroll and Toho. I’m very happy to see folks try out the game, give their feedback and help us create an even better game. At the time of writing, the game’s Discord server (here’s the invite link) already has over 1,000 members!

Paid Beta Reminders

– Beta means we’re early on in development. You’re seeing this project super early, so this is just a small part of the game we hope to build!
– Keep in mind that this is a paid beta, which means you’ll need to pay some Robux in order for access.
– Additionally, the game is not available in some regions, so please check the game description on beforehand.
– Finally, like all games in early access: be wary of bugs, weird behaviors, or data resets.

In the future, I hope to write more blog posts about this game, its development, and my experience as a programmer at Gamefam. After all, this is a personal blog, not a blog about this game in particular. I’ve always enjoyed being a highly-available cool developer who will answer questions when I can. Which may come as a surprise, given my lack of posts on this site… baby steps, I suppose!

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