I’ve created a handful of playable interactive media on the Roblox platform! Check out these projects below.

Fisticuffs! (2015)

Fisticuffs! ThumbnailFisticuffs! is a player-vs-player brawler in which players beat the tar out of each other using a variety of punch styles on a handful of maps. Earn your bona-fide moustaches for scoring knockouts, and customize your punches with different particle effects and hit sounds. This game was a side project in Fall 2015, and was the youngest of the featured 15 games to be included with Roblox for Xbox One when it released January 27th, 2016.

Mirror Muse (2015)

Mirror Muse ThumbnailMirror Muse is a sci-fi solo puzzle where the player place lasers, mirrors, filters and other objects on a grid in order to solve 50+ puzzles. This game was originally built for Roblox’s mobile platform. I developed this game in 10 weeks during my internship at Roblox Corporation in Fall 2015.

Juggernaut (2013)

Juggernaut is an all-vs-one fighting game where one player is selected as the Juggernaut to fight against all other players on a grey map. Players select a class (such as Soldier, Medic, Knight, Sniper, etc) which determines how they go about fighting the Juggernaut.

The Hunger Games (2012)

Hunger Games ThumbnailThe Hunger Games is an every-person-for-themself player-vs-player fighting game where players are sent into an arena to find food/weapons, survive and fight against each other. The last player standing is crowned the victor. During rounds, you can sponsor players in the arena and wager on their victory. Each round a player may be selected as a game maker to trigger disasters in the arena.

This game was inspired by The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I’m a big fan of the books and movies 🙂

Marble Movers (2011)

Marble Movers was a free-form building game where players build tube roller coasters for marbles. In this game, players spawned in large open fields and were given tools to build long, winding tracks for large marbles to roll down. You could customize your tracks colors and styles.