ParticleEmitter:Emit(n) Version 2 is now available!

A quality-of-life update to this particle-emission plugin from 2015 is now available: attributes, better onboarding, passive update notifications, bug fixes and more.

It’s all freshened up for the modern-day Roblox developer! This simple yet useful plugin got some love in its version 2 release.

  • Now uses the EmitCount attribute, so emitters can burst different amounts of particles
  • A new on-boarding experience and update notifications
  • …and so much more. Check out the full post, or install it right now!

Way back in October 2015, I created this handy contextual plugin for the ParticleEmitter object that helped effects designers more effectively create burst particle effects. Since Roblox Studio lacks a way to emit particles without using code, I filled in the gap with a contextual interface that appears when you select ParticleEmitters. Even today, this simple plugin still works like a charm, but it was time it got a few new features and bug fixes.

The Goods

  • 🟢 New: The emit interface uses the EmitCount attribute. Each selected emitter emits that many particles when “Emit” is clicked. The interface’s count value also changes based on the first emitter selected.
(Note: the TextBox in the emit interface only works in one direction. Changing the value in the interface changes the attribute, but not the other way around.)
  • 🟢 New: The Welcome window now appears when the plugin runs. You can hide it forever, or insert an example emitter to immediately try out the plugin.
  • 🟢 New: On-boarding hints appear on the emit interface until you first interact with them. (After that, they’ll never appear again)
  • 🟢 New: Passive update checking now alerts you via the Welcome window when a new version is available. You can…
    • Skip the update: Snooze update notifications until another version is available, or…
    • Remind me later: Snooze update notifications for 16 hours.

other improvements

  • 🟡 Changed: All of the existing code was replaced/re-written (to be fair, it wasn’t much).
  • 🟢 New: Interfaces now use Roblox Studio’s theme colors, both dark and light, via Theme:GetColor().
  • 🟡 Changed: The emit interface will now appears if you have at least one ParticleEmitter selected. Previously, you needed to have only emitters selected.
  • 🟠 Fix: Now safely checks the current selection so that errors will not appear if you select Roblox-locked objects, such as PluginGuiService.

I hope long-time users of this plugin find the new features quite useful, and that new users of this plugin more quickly get up-to-speed on making awesome burst particle effects. If you’ve got any feedback, I’m all ears!

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!