Studio Plugins

Add new features to Studio by installing my plugins – all FREE!

Brick Cutter

Turn one brick into two! Or, cut a hole in it. Simple, yet effective.


Preview burst particle effects using a contextual UI.

(Version 2 Release Announcement)

Ban Hammer

Ban users with expiry times, reasons, and kick tracking.

(Release Announcement)

repr Loader

Loads the repr utility function into _G.repr.

(Release, DevForum

Light Editor

Edit properties of light objects using in-world handles

Script Templates

Insert class and subclass template ModuleScripts for OOP.

(Release, DevForum)


ManualWeld toolkit: edit/create welds between parts.

Create Folder

Inserts a Folder. That’s it, that’s all it does.

Gamepad Debugger

Test your gamepad inputs right in Studio.

Legacy Plugins

These plugins are old and no longer maintained. They may be broken or otherwise unusable.

These plugins were created and distributed before installing plugins via the Roblox website was a feature: back then, you had to extract ZIP files into your plugins folder to install. They have been provided for archival only. A few have been uploaded to Roblox.

Note: The links below will take you to MediaFire, a third-party website.