Studio Plugins

On this page, you’ll find almost all of the plugins I’ve made for Roblox Studio. These plugins extend the functionality in the form of context-sensitive editors and/or toolbar buttons. To install these plugins, open up Roblox Studio and navigate to the plugins’ pages from within Studio.

Script Templates

Script Templates allows easy insertion of class and subclass module scripts. It’s super simple and can speed up OOP in Roblox.

Install to Roblox Studio here!

Ban Hammer

Ban Hammer is an easy game moderation tool that allows you to ban users from your Roblox games. Using a sleek dark-theme compatible widget UI, you can lookup and ban users by name/ID. Optionally provide a reason and expiry time, and you’re good to go. Even keep track of banned users attempting to join the game!

Install to Roblox Studio here!

Light Editor

Light Editor Plugin LogoThis plugin allows you to edit properties of Light objects (PointLight, SpotLight, SurfaceLight) by selecting them in the Explorer window and using handles in the world view. The plugin also creates visualizations of where a selected light will shine.

Gamepad Debugger

This plugin is quick and simple for those just getting into console development with Roblox. It adds a button to Roblox Studio that opens an interface that looks like an XBox One controller. When a gamepad is connected, the interface shows the gamepad name (Gamepad1 … Gamepad8) and the active inputs. Best used with my Gamepad Input Cheatsheet! You can read about Gamepad Input on the RobloxWiki.

Smaller Plugins

  • repr Loader – A plugin that loads the repr function I wrote into _G.repr. Useful for printing tables via the Command bar. Full post.

Old Plugins

Here are all my old, outdated plugins. Their original purpose has passed and they are here as an archive. I cannot guarantee that they all function without errors. They are all open-source and hosted on MediaFire. Most of them (except for a few) aren’t uploaded to as official plugin assets because they predate the system.
Note: Old versions are in parenthesis.