Juggernaut 2: Jump Limits

Jumping around in the redone lobby of Juggernaut 2.
Jumping around in the recently redone lobby of Juggernaut 2.

Jumping. It’s an intrinsic mechanic to ROBLOX games that involve the default character figure. Unfortunately, jumping is one of the most unhealthy mechanics to have in a game like Juggernaut 2 that involves projectile shooting. In this post, I discuss how I take control of this mechanic and make it healthy for Juggernaut 2.

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Juggernaut 2: Beginning the Remake

I’ll kick off my blog’s content with a post about my current project on ROBLOX. It is a remake of Juggernaut, my game from two years ago which won Best Co-op of 2013. Until now, the game was known as Project Naughty Wolf to keep it relatively unknown.

Screenshot of Juggernaut 2 development
Screenshot of a testing session of Juggernaut 2. Names and chat blurred for privacy.

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Hello, Internet!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my shiny, brand-new blog!

I’m going to use this blog to take note of all my adventures in game design. This blog will be treated it like a public diary for anyone to read. I will record the fun challenges and subtleties that I come across when making my own games, and perhaps provide some commentary on the games that my peers are making. More specifically, my activities on ROBLOX will be documented here.

My previous website (the one I designed and coded myself from scratch) can still be found at https://ozzypig.com/old. I’m not sure how long I will keep it up, but I will merge some of the more important information to pages on this WordPress blog.

If you’re also a game developer on ROBLOX.com, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this blog. Or rather, if you’re a game player on ROBLOX, you might also want to read to see how there is more to ROBLOX games than meets the eye. Whether a game player or game designer, I promise you that what you’ll find here will be pertinent to your interests.

So, if you’re ready, take a journey with me. I’m sure it will be a wild one.


P.S.: A quick disclaimer: I don’t claim to be extremely knowledgeable on game design or writing. I will allow my ethos to speak for itself. My thoughts may not always come out clearly, but I always strive to be more concise. I’ve passed college-level writing courses, so hopefully they will serve me well as I try to communicate my thoughts.