Hello! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name’s Ozzy (or Charlie in-person). I have been living in Orlando, Florida for all 21 years of my life. My birthday is July 24th. I am currently a student at the University of Central Florida majoring in Computer Science. I have been programming since I was in middle school and started with Lua on the ROBLOX platform. I’ve gained a bit of popularity over there since I joined in March 2008. Nowadays, I’m learning the Unity game engine.

My Name

The name that I tell people who I’ve met in-person is Charlie, however those who know me online call me Ozzy. My typical username online is Ozzypig, which comes from the name of my guinea pig named Ozzy, who was a close part of my life from 2007 to 2010. I inherited him from one of my sister’s middle school science teachers who could no longer keep him when she moved to Georgia. That teacher received him from a pet shop who could not seem to sell him due to neurological problems. He would bob his head up and down a lot because of that. I will always remember Ozzy and I’m happy that he is part of my identity online.

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