New Plugin: Ban Hammer

Introducing my newest plugin for Roblox Studio: Ban Hammer! It is a very easy-to-use tool that allows you to ban users from your game right from studio.

Click the hammer to install this plugin to Roblox Studio!


Ban Hammer toolbar and button in-studio (dark theme)
Ban Hammer interface with user loaded
The full ban form for a user
Justice has been served.
Sweet satisfaction: view kick counts and edit bans in real-time


  • Open widget interface using a toolbar button, dark theme compatible using Studio Widgets
  • Saves and loads ban data using Data Stores
  • One-click script insertion, can be edited and/or moved
  • Ban players indefinitely, for a duration, or until a specific timestamp
  • Optionally provide a reason to display in the kick message
  • Passive plugin update notifications

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!