Check out my new Internet face!

Felt like my Internet presence needed a fresh new look! Behold.

The image is a render of my Roblox avatar, with a white outline, blue background and a hint of a radial rainbow. I’m sporting the Vision Fran├žaise glasses, the original Red Bow Tie, and my very own Ozzy’s Formal Top Hat which you can snag by using a code from my Roblox toy!

In Other News

  • I’m also using this image for my website’s icon, ’cause I think it looks good.
  • I’ve updated the categories and tags of many of the posts and pages on this website, so hopefully things are easier to find.
  • Speaking of this site, it’s got new fonts! Mmm, nice and crispy.

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!