New Plugin: Script Templates

This is a simple plugin that makes it super easy to insert Class and Subclass ModuleScript templates with the simple click of a button!

Install this plugin to Roblox Studio here!


  • Zero UI – One toolbar, one button. Couldn’t be simpler.
  • Quick Rename – Rename the ModuleScript to quickly rename its class!
  • Quick Insertion – Inserts into the first selected object or ServerScriptService.
  • Class OR Subclass – Inserted ModuleScripts are tagged so that if you have a tagged ModuleScript selected, you’ll insert the subclass template instead!
  • Unique Names – Inserted ModuleScripts to the same parent are named Class, Class2, Class3… you get the idea.
  • Quiet – Never prints anything to the Output! (Except…see below)
  • Update Alerts – Checks for new versions automatically and will print when an update is available.

Template Previews

You can check out the inserted templates by clicking below:

Class Template
Subclass Template

Developer Forum Post

You can also view this post on Roblox’s Developer Forum!

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!