Here are my goals to make 2021 amazing

Apparently, I have a bit of a thing for living under a rock! The whole year of 2020 has really proven that I’m far too good at doing that. No surprise that the previous dreadful year did a number on my motivation to work on things. Although we may not be out of the woods with the pandemic yet, there’s a handful of things I’d like to cover regarding the state of my projects. In particular, here’s what I hope to accomplish in 2021 so this year turns out exceedingly excellent.

My first goal is meta: I’d like to make at minimum one blog post here on my website per month in 2021. I reckon it’ll be pretty easy to accomplish. On to my games, the more important things.


I see so much opportunity here, so I’m setting my hopes high. Although I’d love to start working on a sequel, the base game deserves some love. New players need a proper tutorial, and there should be a solid campaign mode or player-vs-computer mode (at the very least, for practice). As for content, I want to release 2 new punch types, a new game mode, and a boatload of new particles and sounds. Finally, one or two holiday events could really make the game feel more alive.

Spell Slingers

Finally, Spell Slingers. You might be wondering what the hell happened to this project – it was never released! However… I can say for certain it never left the back of my mind since the day that I announced it. Since that day, I’ve taken the game in a different direction. It’s no longer a MOBA (more on that in another post for another day). All things considered, I’m still very much hyped to work on this project and create my magnum opus. As for my 2021 goals for this title… I’d like the underlying engine fleshed out, and the first 30 minutes of gameplay ready for players by the end of the year. Hopefully those still interested will forgive how vague I’m being; I just need to temper your expectations. It’s a big project. I want it done right.

There you have it! I hope this short post sparks a little excitement in the fans of my works. It will also help to hold me accountable to my ambitions.

As per usual, you can get a hold of me through the usual methods (contact). Till next time!

Author: Ozzypig

Roblox developer and computer scientist. I love all things coding and game design!